I’ve Got Mom on My Mind

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It is almost Mother’s Day. As a mother, you tend to only think about what your loved ones will do to show appreciation for all of your hard work. In the back of your mind, you are thinking that whatever it is, it is nowhere near enough to compensate for all the crap you endured the previous 364 days. Lastly, you say to yourself that one day of gratitude is a rip off, but it is better than nothing.

What About Your Mom?

It is funny how the tides change when you finally understand how your mother felt. You were so proud of the crayon drawing and attempted breakfast in bed that you mustered up as a child. The thought absolutely does count…but now you realize what she really wanted was gratitude all year long. So, try to recall a very fond memory of your mom and let it inspire your gift ideas this year. This will let her know that you remember and still treasure those moments.

A Fond Memory of My Mom

My brother and I lived in poverty most of our childhood. However, mom tried her best to make sure we didn’t know it. She made the smallest accomplishments seem like major victories. I remember harvesting our pitiful vegetable garden every year. At the time, I didn’t understand that our soil was simply not fit to bear edible food. Even though we only managed to reap miniature corn, golf ball sized potatoes, and terrible tasting tomatoes; I was a very happy camper.

My mother always smiled and seemed so pleased to receive our offerings. She would make soup out of our bounty and make plans for the next season’s crop. It was fun fighting my brother over who gets to drop the seed into the hole my mom dug. It was even more fun watching that first sprout break through the soil. I never seemed to care that most of them died shortly after. I guess it was the idea that I created life that had me so ecstatic.

Now I aim to share this experience with my little girls. This will be our first year planting together. Sad to say, I never did develop a rich green thumb. But, I get better every year. Who knows? Maybe my daughters will be naturals. Love you Mom!

This post was inspired by Gardening Gone Wild

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